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My Story

To whoever reading this, whether you know me or not, what you're about read may not have been disclosed before, even to my friends and the people close to me. I'll take you into a trip sponsored by my words, a trip that will bring together between seriousness and fun, and alot alot of laughter. If you have schizophrenia and laugh for no reason, YOU ARE WARNED.. Do not read this post because your case will get worse, especially with the ridiculous things you're going to read.

Just want to clarfiy something before I move ahead, I'm TUNISIAN, I was just born in Saudi Arabia due to my father having a medical internship there, that's it.
Anyway, everything started when I opened my eyes on Jeddah hospital, in Saudi Arabia. I can not remember anything of course but my mom told me that there was a doctor who turned me upside and down, and slapped me on my back. We are actually exposed to violence from the first moment, and then they ask why our generation is fanatic and reckless. I mean come on, why don't you fix your medical system first? I lived in Saudi Arabia for about four years, and I wore that traditional gulf dress. Wearing that one sleeved one piece dress that covers the whole body, which is called Thoub, and putting that Schumagg, which is actually a scarf-like head cover. It was werid to be honest.
I did not study there but my big brother did, they were required to wear the Thoub. The course starts around 7:30 A.M but the strangest thing is that people study in single-gender schools which means NO GIRLS, if you wanna say something romantic, you'd have to say it to your classmate, who is a MALE, just like you. I feel pity for my brother because seeing a girl at that time was like seeing the Mermaid. I have always been waiting for Thursday on pins and needles, because on that day, my father takes us on a stroll to Jeddah, where I buy many games, especially those little cars, OHHH I still have that collection until now, they're amazing. Afterwards, we finish that stroll at the fancy and beautiful McDonalds!
Four years later, we returned to Tunisia except for my father who stayed there until he completes his medical internship, which will last one year. Until my dad comes back from Saudi Arabia, we stayed at my grandmother's house in a pretty popular neighborhood called "Ezzahrouni", located on south of the capital Tunis. I studied there in one of the kindergardens, and I'd like to thank a teacher who was working there for her oustanding effort and motivating me in eudcation. I got to know a lot of friends, and had fun with them, but it hurts me right in the heart because I haven't seen them for years now while I always thought that they'll be there forever but that's life, we have to move forward. That year was one of the best years on record because I was one of the outstanding students in kindergarten, and my brother passed the exam of the sixth primary year, and he was among the top three students in "Ezzahrouni School". On the summer of 2003, my dad finally came back to Tunisia, and what a joy it was! We all missed him and we were all happy to see him again. However, it wasn't a completed joy because after just six months, dad had a surgery. Those days were just tough, not just for me, but for the whole family, but, fotunately, everything returned to normal. In that same year, we moved to Taher Sfar, where we've built a house, and I studied in "Ibn Rachik" primary school and from there, I began my real educational career. I studied in that school for around six years, where I got many awards and certificates, and also got to know new people, CRAZY people that I love haha. I got to know people that don't care about education, people that care so much about it, people who are funny and has a good sense of humor, and people who are jealous. I mean we all have passed by this kind of persons. Since my fourth year of the primary education, I began to play handball within my school, and I discovered that I have a hidden talent in my inside. My love for this sport has grown day by day, and I was improving, I've been working hard to be someday a player with value. My dream seemed to be true when I've been selected among ONLY 24 players in a all tunisia to be in the regional team, and play in RADES OLYMPIC INDOOR ARENA! I was aged 12 at the time, but I felt the responsibility, because I'm not just going to mark my presence, I'm going to play for my region and my team. I can remember my manager telling me "Aymen, seize this opportunity, son. People have been playing handball for years and they dream to put their feet inside Rades Olympic arena!". These words really motivated me, and I couldn't even sleep, waiting just for the day to come in to get myself prepared for the match. 
After meeting on the train station, my manager took me to the arena, but there was a big SURPRISE! I thought that the arena would be just empty, but I discovered that we're going to play just few minutes before the handball cup final match starts. The indoor arena was full, there was also giant screens, media keep pace with the event, crowd supporting their teams, songs...
The atmosphere was enthusiastic and I felt confused, I was telling myself "Aymen, you're not gonna make it, you better leave". My body wanted to leave, but my mind wanted to play. It was a battle between confusion and truth that ended with the winning of truth. I wore my sports outfit, and fotunately, got selected in the first squad. The beginning of the match wasn't that good; a lot of errors, wrong passes and shots but I remdiaded later on. It was a good game and I've done well. I was very happy!
The next year, exactly in 2010, I entered a new stage in my studies, as I moved to college. It was pretty hard to cope with the atmosphere there but it went well. Many things changed; I had to take the train, come back home late... I met new friends in the middle school, it was a new environment, new way of thinking. I was like most of the boys at the time, trying to show off, trying to prove that I'm strong, OH and YEA, I may seem that good boy now, but believe me, in my starts in the preparatory school, I was always fighting with boys, always having that scar on my head HAHAHA but then I realised that all of this is just a waste of time, you know? 
After three years, I moved to high school, and thus to the secondary level. I spent and still spend wonderful days in "Nabheni High School" especially in the english subject, which I love, as my teacher Miss Hayfa relays on technology and she's the one who motivated me to start blogging or I wouldn't be here, writing that post. 

I'm simply a normal person, a little bit crazy but someone who can actually make people laugh so quick. I love people, and so they do. I just wanted to give you a small glimpse about my life, I hope you liked it.
Aymen Felhi Web Developer

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  1. G'day Aymen,
    What a fantastic post introducing yourself to your readers. I could feel your agony without your father at home, the struggle through changing schools and then that chance to show off in a sport you love. Well done!

    PS Not everyone has a Google account, so please have Name/URL as an option when leaving comments.

    1. Dear Tasteach,

      I really appreciate the time you took to read my post. It's such a honor for me, to be honest. Also I edited the comments settings and they should now have a Name/URL option.
      Thank you