Edublogs Challenge l Week 4: Let’s join globally l Activity 1

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Activity 1:
Join our Free Rice group called Student Blogging Challenge or create one for your class. []
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Free Rice is really a site full of humanity. I do not think that there is an easier place to contribute, and even with a small proportion, fighting the scourge that we still, unfortunately, live in the 21st century which is famine. The combat of such lesions is the responsibility of each and every one of us. I've spent a good 30 minutes in that site, and look how many grains I have collected... 1040 grains!!

Alternatively, in addition to the humanitarian side of the site, it offers you the opportunity to educate yourself through the various subjects it contains. Two birds with one stone, you know?

Check out Free Rice website:
Aymen Felhi Web Developer

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  1. Hi Aymen,
    Well done... I've tried Free Rice and was in love with the idea that we could help feed people around the world through play, that encourages a lot of internauts to get involved in such a cause, however, not so many are informed about the existance of that site... Could you please share the information with your friends? This way you hit 3 birds in one stone...

    Happy blogging

    1. Yes. I'd start sharing this website over Facebook and Twitter because these are the main social websites that I'm usually on. Although, I appreciate the fact you commenting on my posts-- that is a honor for me.