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So blogging is your thing? Are you one of those "geeks" of humanitarian projects? Well you're on the right place.
AF Blog (Aymen Felhi Blog) is a blog that is hosted and owned by Aymen Felhi. The goal of this blog is to document the events that occur on the computer science and humanitarian projects that Aymen take part in within his high school (known as "Nabheni"). AFB will bring between seriousness, fun and creativity at work so anyone who navigates on the blog will say "NO" to boredom.
It is true that the blog currently only focus on keeping you informed with Aymen Felhi's projects but there would be several changes such as:

  • Coding courses (originally hosted by CodeAcademy site): we will post coding courses on the blog so you can learn new languages such as PHP, CSS, HTML, C++ etc.
    P.S: We don't make coding courses nor we're specialized in this field. We'll just POST the courses on the blog but we don't originally create them.

  • A Youtube stream will be launched so you don't have to go at anywhere else to watch some Youtube videos.
    and more..

Have fun navigating at AF Blog!

The last silence..

The Last Silence

She sat in the balcony, where the air was fresh, and in front of her, on the table, a cup of coffee, which she used to drink every morning, but on this day in particular - and unusually -she had woke up early (and full of energy)!

First, she ignited her cigarette as she looks at the mounting smoke from the cup passionately as it carries the smell of coffee, so she inhales it in relief. Next to her, her naughty cat was sitting specualting the silence she had used to it.

She kept looking to the cup and how its smoke tempts her to take a first sip and she smiles! What a taste!!! She kept taking sips over and over until that smoke was calmed down. She put the cup on the table with a few coffee left waiting for her last sips, as she began to ignite a second cigarette.
She strayed from her coffee a little bit and seemed more occupied with her cigarettes that were melting between her fingers and her mouth, and she began to leave with the smoke rising. The little angel grabbed the cup, scrabbles about it, as she figured out that the smoke has faded and the smell of the coffee, too. So she extinguished what remained of the cigarette then she looked to the sky and smiled with a little bit of self-irony!

As she was deciding, her cat began to flirt with her trying to break that desolate silence. and perhaps to have some fun.
She grabbed her cat and headed towards the door, kicking her out. Then she went back again to the chair she sat on for ages in the balcony. She stepped up to the fence where the last floor of the towering architecture is, and turned her back and began to remember.
She remembered her past. She remembered her tears, how she laughed and remembered her love and loved ones. She remembered how she woke up to welcome the Valentine's Day alone and single, but with a smile accompanied with a hope for a single meeting where she arranged her room and brought out her most prestigious clothes –that girl that he was looking to with a slight smile as he kisses her out of love–she had conjured up her makeup and wore her clothes, then began wandering the streets searching for a gift that would feel his face with a joy. Afterwars, she went to the places where she can see him most until she came across a coffee shop, that witnessed their laughter in the New Year's Eve.

-where he kissed the angel and made her angry in the morning - and where everyone celebrates Valentine's Day, she grabbed the phone, and sent him the first love message and sat waiting. Then she went back remembering him and began to cry that she hardly can breath!. Few minutes later, she sent him a message again while he was performing a phone call with his lover.

Him: Darling
Her: Bae
Him: I'm waiting for you
Her: I'll be there in a couple of mintues, my love ♥

She sent him a voice message saying: "I remember you giving a rose that made me so happy that I'm keeping it to that day". While at the same time she was sending that message, he was giving the same rose to his "darling". She was remembering the way he gave his loved one that rose, she still can remember the few words he spelled out while handing out his gift, sitting on his knees: "I thought this rose would make you happy, Sonia!". She desperatly hoped that he'd have treated her the way he treats his girlfriend, but he didn't.

As he was saying those sweet words to his loved one, she just couldn't wait anymore as he fluctuates in the bosom of the other girl. Waiting made her feel a real and tough pain inside her as she witnesses all the cuddles and flirts. That same pain stopped her heart while he's shrouded with the love of an other one.

She closed her eyes, and as soon as she saw someone - all in white - with open arms in the sky welcoming her, holding that same rose she kept remembering, she threw herself with the biggest smile she ever had.

Her body bumped in the ground, her face is still smiling, and next to her that cat contemplating the last silence..

Edublogs Challenge l Week 4: Let’s join globally l Activity 4

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Activity 4:
If you could create an international event, what would it be called? What would we be celebrating? []

Surely, each and one of us know the occasion April Fool which I consider a lie in itself. All indicators confrm that lying has become a lesion in our socities today; the father lies sometimes to avoid giving money, the mother lies to save herself from some situations, I LIE myself to serve my interests. We're living in a vortex of lies made up of people around us, and this vortex attracts us and sink us into it's secrets and thus we become liars-- that's how it goes. 
From this point starts my idea of creating a day called February's Honesty. During this day we must try as much as possible to be honest. I also recommend to host a golbal forum of honesty, that will be hosted every year in a different country where we should examine the reasons that make people lie and how to fight this lesion. This forum will be also an opporunity for cross-fertilization of cultures.
We're really in a dire need of such occasions as that.

Edublogs Challenge l Week 4: Let’s join globally l Activity 2

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Activity 2:
Write a list of international events you have taken part in since Christmas 2014. []

Frankly, since Christmas 2014 I didn't go to many international events maybe cause of the lack of interest.. Well whatever! The events I'm about to mention are not in order, just saying.

Let me start talking about my participation for the Earth Hour in Tunisia. I went along with my big brother to the Capital Tunis-- I can't describe the atmosphere there, everything was very organized to be honest. When you turn those lights off and lit your candles for an hour, you feel like you've done an achievement especially when you're aware that these 60 minutes have their value in saving energy. I'm glad I was a participant in that event.

Sincerely,  I'm not fan of Jazz and such but my father insisted on taking me with him to this event and I couldn't refuse. However, I discovered that my dislike for this genre of music was just a stupidity. Jazz is just unique and that's what make it special; it doesn't look like any other music genres whether deep house, rock, electro, dubstep etc. It has it's own characteristics. It was an amazing concert!

Tunisia 10-12 - 085 - Douz and the Festi by mckaysavage, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  mckaysavage

How did I forget to tell you about my adventure in the Tunisian desert? I went with my family to the Sahara Festival. It has it's value in Tunisian tourism, and it is even known at the global level as it attracts many tourists. There are many activities in this festival such as horse races, camal races in addition to introducing the tunisian traditions such as the tradional dress. You won't regret if you attend it!

Picture taken from "Stromae sur la scène du Festival International de Carthage " article, website http://www.canalfrance.info 

I don't think that Carthage Musical Festival needs any introduction because it is actually an international festival. I don't usually go to that festival to be honest but as soon as I heard that Stromae will perform at the concert, I couldn't control myself. The ticket was pretty expensive, it was around 140 pounds (tunisian dinar) and I can remember that I was begging my father for around two weeks to grant me permission to go with my friends to it's concert-- or let me put it this way, I was begging him during that period to give money to buy the ticket hahaha. 
With the testimony of those present, Stromae's performance was probably one of the best - if not the best - performances ever of Carthage Musical Festival in the recent years, without any doubt. 

This was a list of some international events I took part in from Christmas 2014 until now. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post but most importantly is that you discover these festivals that occur in my country because they're super-amazing. 


Edublogs Challenge l Week 4: Let’s join globally l Activity 1

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Activity 1:
Join our Free Rice group called Student Blogging Challenge or create one for your class. []

Free Rice Website logo
Free Rice is really a site full of humanity. I do not think that there is an easier place to contribute, and even with a small proportion, fighting the scourge that we still, unfortunately, live in the 21st century which is famine. The combat of such lesions is the responsibility of each and every one of us. I've spent a good 30 minutes in that site, and look how many grains I have collected... 1040 grains!!

Alternatively, in addition to the humanitarian side of the site, it offers you the opportunity to educate yourself through the various subjects it contains. Two birds with one stone, you know?

Check out Free Rice website: freerice.com

Earth Hour 2015


Watch Earth Hour's official video:

Surely, our need for the energy is increasing day after day, and this increase is definitely affecting our earth negatively. We've been conducting many researches recently to find new ways to replace the electric and oil powers by alternative energies such as solar energy. It's time to wake up from gaining, human destiny is in our hands. Between the present and the future we stand, we're the line that links between today and tomorrow, and we decide to whether build a bright or a dark tomorrow. We must share the determination fellas!

Earth Hour is one of the occasions where we have to be ONE. Be on time, the next Saturday, the 28th of March-- turn off your lights and lit your candles. Let's save together the energy for us, for our children and for future generations.

Use #YourPower to Change Climate

Edublogs Challenge l Week 3: Let’s comment l Activity 4

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Activity 4:
Find an interesting landscape image (include attribution).  Write the beginning of a story relating to your image. Invite your readers to finish the story []

Scary Landscape by Leon Fishman, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Leon Fishman 

 The Light That Brought Darkness

Chris, fourty one years old, is single. His two daughters and wife passed away as their home was burned. Chris entered into a psychological crisis that lasted nearly seven months, where he didn't utter a single word during this period. His family tried to help him and he was carried to the most brilliant psychiatrists but, despite his recovering, Chris still has a state of isolation, where lives in a remote place in one of the USA forests.
Someday, after spending most of the time fishing and preparing the fish to be sold on the market next day, Chris returned to his house around nightime to have a break. While he was asleep, around the dawn, he saw a bright light from the north. He was surprised because he's been there for quite six years and he never had seen any visitors, he felt like this light is intentionally trying to him there. Chris's love for reconaissance and his yearning for adventure pushed him to wake up. He went inside his boat, and proceeded to drive towards the light..

Now it's your turn to cast in your ends for this story. Keep in mind the story's title. Can't wait to see your attempts fellas!

Edublogs Challenge l Week 3: Let’s comment l Activity 3

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Activity 3:
Find an image or piece of music. Add it to your post (with attribution) and write a poem relating to the image or music. []

Mother and baby by ECohen, on Flickr

Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License   by  ECohen 

 Bless you! My sweetheart      

Thank you Mom for everything! 

I know not how to thank you enough, my sweetheart
When I am walking over to you
I just want to hold your hands

But you gave me your life

I know not how to thank you enough, my sweetheart
When I am walking over to you
I just want to pick happiness
But you gave me all the happiness

I know not how to thank you enough, my sweetheart
When I am walking over to you
I just want to find admiration
But you gave me the whole admiration