Earth Hour 2015

Watch Earth Hour's official video:

Surely, our need for the energy is increasing day after day, and this increase is definitely affecting our earth negatively. We've been conducting many researches recently to find new ways to replace the electric and oil powers by alternative energies such as solar energy. It's time to wake up from gaining, human destiny is in our hands. Between the present and the future we stand, we're the line that links between today and tomorrow, and we decide to whether build a bright or a dark tomorrow. We must share the determination fellas!

Earth Hour is one of the occasions where we have to be ONE. Be on time, the next Saturday, the 28th of March-- turn off your lights and lit your candles. Let's save together the energy for us, for our children and for future generations.

Use #YourPower to Change Climate
Aymen Felhi Web Developer

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