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Activity 4:
Find an interesting landscape image (include attribution).  Write the beginning of a story relating to your image. Invite your readers to finish the story []

Scary Landscape by Leon Fishman, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Leon Fishman 

 The Light That Brought Darkness

Chris, fourty one years old, is single. His two daughters and wife passed away as their home was burned. Chris entered into a psychological crisis that lasted nearly seven months, where he didn't utter a single word during this period. His family tried to help him and he was carried to the most brilliant psychiatrists but, despite his recovering, Chris still has a state of isolation, where lives in a remote place in one of the USA forests.
Someday, after spending most of the time fishing and preparing the fish to be sold on the market next day, Chris returned to his house around nightime to have a break. While he was asleep, around the dawn, he saw a bright light from the north. He was surprised because he's been there for quite six years and he never had seen any visitors, he felt like this light is intentionally trying to him there. Chris's love for reconaissance and his yearning for adventure pushed him to wake up. He went inside his boat, and proceeded to drive towards the light..

Now it's your turn to cast in your ends for this story. Keep in mind the story's title. Can't wait to see your attempts fellas!

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