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Activity 2:
Create a series of avatars to represent your family members and describe them []

As the challenge text said, I created avatars to represent my family members, and tried to describe them precisely.

Abdallah - my father - he works in the hospital Habib Thamer as a general practitioner for around fifteen years now. He's like other fathers, he tries to reconcile between his work and family life, which I see his succeeded in doing so. This mustaches may give the impression that my father is somehow a strict man, but believe me he's not. Well he may be that strict, but when it seems necessary, you know? My father is my friend, he's very close to his children; he listens to their problems and try to help them. I love him so much!

This is my mom, Najwa, she's just a housewife. I see in her the happiness and hope, I see the compassion and kindness, and on the other hand I see the anger she feels when I do something terrible. I'm closer to my mom than my father, not because she has better qualities than my dad, it is just cause of the time I spend with her, which is more than the time I spend with my father. She knows the real me, and I know the real her, what an equation, right? Haha. My mom is simply my princess.

My brother Ahmed, he's in fact five years older than me, but that did not affect my relationship with him, which is characterized by openness and fun. He's my mentor; due to his experience, he always advise me and lend me a helping hand, he's there when I need him and so I am. He loves football (well that's reflected from the background I chose for his avatar) to the degree that he doesn't want to speak with anyone if a match is in progress, especially if it's related to "EST" (his favourite team). I like this exotic personality of my brother, to be honest.

My sister, Amal. My relationship with her is decent, I would say.  She may look like between a social butterfly, and a wallflower. She can get stressed out easily from things, and can sometimes be a little high-strung. Amal is mature, a happy and a nice person. She is very compassionate and loving. I'm too close to my sister, maybe because of the little age difference between us, it is the fact that I'm only one year older than her.

Bottom line is that my family combines between various qualities such as strange and fun, also seriousness and mutual respect. This is the environment in which I lived seventeen years until now, and that environment is what made the person I am today, the person whom I like and whom people love. In the end, the family is everything, as Michael J. Fox said  Family is not an important thing. It's everything.

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  1. Nice conclusion... may you live in peace and harmony with all yours Aymen :)

  2. G'day Aymen,
    WOW! You completed all the activities and in such a great way. Love your descriptions of your family members and how their avatars represent them.