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Activity 4:
Write a post describing your avatar []

Physically, my avatar has actually a beige skin, and an undercut hairstyle, which I really love. He has green eyes, that kind that you can look into and feel like you're getting lost. The avatar's eyebrows are black, thick, bushy and rectangular. He has a good sense of humor, he can easily make people laugh, he's actually comfortable, big hearted and attractive. This avatar is my mirror, I see myself when I see him, especially his eye glances. He's typically me as we share many similarities. I'm funny and extremely introverted, weird, a little crazy, imaginative. I accept others as they are and I try to be as non-judgmental as possible, I'm kinda childish, but in a good way, not a bratty way, I put others first and I'm pretty hard to offend. 
That's why I see that this avatar reflects my image!
Aymen Felhi Web Developer

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