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Activity 4:
If you could create an international event, what would it be called? What would we be celebrating? []

Surely, each and one of us know the occasion April Fool which I consider a lie in itself. All indicators confrm that lying has become a lesion in our socities today; the father lies sometimes to avoid giving money, the mother lies to save herself from some situations, I LIE myself to serve my interests. We're living in a vortex of lies made up of people around us, and this vortex attracts us and sink us into it's secrets and thus we become liars-- that's how it goes. 
From this point starts my idea of creating a day called February's Honesty. During this day we must try as much as possible to be honest. I also recommend to host a golbal forum of honesty, that will be hosted every year in a different country where we should examine the reasons that make people lie and how to fight this lesion. This forum will be also an opporunity for cross-fertilization of cultures.
We're really in a dire need of such occasions as that.

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