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Activity 2:
Write a list of international events you have taken part in since Christmas 2014. []

Frankly, since Christmas 2014 I didn't go to many international events maybe cause of the lack of interest.. Well whatever! The events I'm about to mention are not in order, just saying.

Let me start talking about my participation for the Earth Hour in Tunisia. I went along with my big brother to the Capital Tunis-- I can't describe the atmosphere there, everything was very organized to be honest. When you turn those lights off and lit your candles for an hour, you feel like you've done an achievement especially when you're aware that these 60 minutes have their value in saving energy. I'm glad I was a participant in that event.

Sincerely,  I'm not fan of Jazz and such but my father insisted on taking me with him to this event and I couldn't refuse. However, I discovered that my dislike for this genre of music was just a stupidity. Jazz is just unique and that's what make it special; it doesn't look like any other music genres whether deep house, rock, electro, dubstep etc. It has it's own characteristics. It was an amazing concert!

Tunisia 10-12 - 085 - Douz and the Festi by mckaysavage, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  mckaysavage

How did I forget to tell you about my adventure in the Tunisian desert? I went with my family to the Sahara Festival. It has it's value in Tunisian tourism, and it is even known at the global level as it attracts many tourists. There are many activities in this festival such as horse races, camal races in addition to introducing the tunisian traditions such as the tradional dress. You won't regret if you attend it!

Picture taken from "Stromae sur la scène du Festival International de Carthage " article, website 

I don't think that Carthage Musical Festival needs any introduction because it is actually an international festival. I don't usually go to that festival to be honest but as soon as I heard that Stromae will perform at the concert, I couldn't control myself. The ticket was pretty expensive, it was around 140 pounds (tunisian dinar) and I can remember that I was begging my father for around two weeks to grant me permission to go with my friends to it's concert-- or let me put it this way, I was begging him during that period to give money to buy the ticket hahaha. 
With the testimony of those present, Stromae's performance was probably one of the best - if not the best - performances ever of Carthage Musical Festival in the recent years, without any doubt. 

This was a list of some international events I took part in from Christmas 2014 until now. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post but most importantly is that you discover these festivals that occur in my country because they're super-amazing. 


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