Why Am I On the Project? ll What about you?

We Draw Happiness

I decided to join the project because I wanted to enter that happiness to a needy person - someone who did not know only sadness and depression, he got betrayed by his paralysis, he got betrayed by his legs and since then he couldn't move. This project is a humanitarian project and it is the embodiment of the spirit of cooperation between people. I've been invited by my teacher to take a step in this project and I accepted it with pride. But after I've read its content, I discovered that is what I'm looking for - I've been always looking for a chance to do such a charity work and here my chance came itself.

To be frank, I haven't participated in a very important charity work. My volunteer works were centered in lending a helping hand in cleaning compaigns at my Primary School. We were doing these compaigns in a regular basis (campaign every month or two) and I was happy that I had been a part of this project, especially at the school where I studied, and despite the lack of equipment, it gave birth to a huge amount of educated people.

This project will change many things. We could change our society with these charity movements. We can create a generation that believes in solidarity and community collaboration. I'm sure that we all need is some time and determination to achieve this. 
This change must start from our family - we must convince them that lending a helping hand to someone in need is our duty - above all, we must be doing something very important which is awareness. Also, as a learner, I would learn many skills such as Solidarity and compassion for others.

Aymen Felhi
 IWWF Project member

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