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Activity 4:
Write a post about the overseas blogs you have commented on. []
A blog that is rich with information especially the "Job Shadowing Experience" article. You feel like it's full of vitality and frankness, it also features a good comic character. Danyale has really a good writing skill that is not based on such a difficult language or complex compositions, it's based on simplicity.
Skye blog Is a place where you feel you are in the world that you want, the world of young people. When you read the articles, you feel like the words are directly talking to you because the way these articles are written are close to our mentality as teenagers; the teenagers that love iPhones, smartphones, Facebook etc.

These are just two examples of blogs I've been reading and commenting on lately. It's strongly recommended to even have an overview about them.
Thank you and stay tuned for the coming posts!

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