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Activity 2:
Check out this story using remix and fair use of video. What was interesting, positive or negative about it? []

Nowadays, being aware of the copyright policies is strongly recommended, especially if you're a blogger, therefore respecting these laws will play in your favor. This video shows you all big and small things regarding the copyright policy in a funny and professional way, especially that the remix is about fairy tales that we surely watched when we were little "babies" (well I still watch them but yea). In a nutshell, copyright means that the maker of a video/image/graphics (designs in general) is the owner, and you can't steal/copy/use his work without his/her permission. 
After watching this clip, I'm pretty sure you would seriously think about how many graphics you stole in the past, but in the same time, I'm sure that you will start finding images with creative commons.
So, what is good about using creative common pictures in your blog?
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