Facebook Groups - A Good Way to Present The Project

Small Idea Became a Dream

 " Preparing to the project through Facebook groups"

The story began when I was in the classroom studying English. Suddenly my teacher, Miss Hayfa, moved towards me and started talking about a charitable project. She has chosen a group of people from my Class (approximately eight people or maybe more). Quite frankly, I didn't take the project seriously on the beginning - the idea seemed a little bit "silly". I thought that we're going to do is just ink on paper and nothing more but, to be honest, I've discovered that its much beyond than that.
Firstly, Miss Hayfa started a group for all people (those in the project and those who aren't in). Step by step, the group became so active, people liked it and they started debate about every single topic. I still remember the day when everyone started to do graphics and statistics and I was surprised - I didn't have an idea about what they were doing but I was very happy to see this atmosphere on the group. Few months later the teacher created a private Facebook Group called "Its Working For"as shown in the picture
The purpose of the group was to facilitate communications between the project members also its a way to talk about several topics and plans related to it. I was one of the most active members so far, I was starting debates between members, review every single post and comment on it when it's needed also I've been giving advices to those in need of any assistance. I wouldn't deny that I was sometimes having fun with some people through silly comments but it was okay for me as I believe that every work/project must contain a fun part. After a short period, I've been promoted to an Administrator over the Facebook group and named a "leader" by my teacher. I was very excited and proud to be called a leader despite my little age. Here is two quotes that my teacher has sent to me:


 As the project's goal is to purchase a wheelchair, we started to think about the ways to get as many people as we can to take place on this charity work as shown in here:

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