It's Work Time

"Its Work Time"

Yeah, that sentence says it all. I felt that we have a responsiblity; we've been giving the confidence to accomplish the task and we shouldn't disappoint anyone. We've done our best and started to record some episodes using Audacity, which is a sound editing software that gives you the opprtunity to record your own voice and import it into an MP3 File. We made a plan into the group and everybody had a task, I've recorded the questions episode that will be sent to the association.
To invite the association, we've tried to get in contact with them in order to invite them to our School and I've been assigned to do this so I've sent a message to their Facebook Page inviting them politely to have a quick interview with them and present their ideas to the public in there.
Fortunately and as expected, they appreciated the idea and they were excited to come to our School. Therefore, I've been working to record the interview questions that will be sent to them so they can reply back with the answers. In coordination with my teacher and my teammate, I've recorded the episode

 using Audacity of course. After importing it, it has been uploaded to Podmatic which is a website where you can upload voice records (it was very useful for me). Here is the record link
Moreover, I've helped Abir and Manel to record their own episodes that have played on the School's radio

Here is the video - LINK:

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