Don't listen to others, listen to yourself


Do not allow the views of your colleagues in high school and your peers in the university influence your decisions, it leads, in some cases, to go away from your ideas and goals which you believed on strongly, and you will just realize, after years, that it was just your stupidity, especially that most of these persons were not part of your life, and their views were only fleeting impressions. Do not let the opinions of others stand in your way, what they think and what they say about you is not important, what is important is how you feel and your confidence on yourself.

Don't let others way of living distract you from your own and unique way of living

You shouldn't live in pants other than yours, live your way, it is the unique way that is only possessed and known by you, wear your clothing and make your hair the way you see it is convenient for you... Wear and live the way you want.

You're unique! 

Trying to look like someone else is just a waste of your own beauty: resist this crazy world who tries to make you just a copy of everyone else, you must have the courage to keep your wonderful uniqueness.

Don't care about what others want you to do or be

 Unfortunately, before you take the first step in a successful trip to follow up on your dreams, people wraps around you, even those who care about you deeply, and then they make you feel depressed through their terrible opinions. It's not because they have evil intentions, it's because they do not see and do not understand the big picture of your dreams, your feelings and your goals in life.. They do not understand that it's a reward that worths the risk. Those views are only trying to protect you from the failure, which is - in fact - an unintended attempt to confiscate your chance to achieve your dreams.

Do not bother limits set by others

Regardless of the extent of the progress you make, there are always people who insist that everything you're trying to do is impossible, and they make you constantly think that any idea or any dream is ridiculous and does not attract anyone's attention or interest anybody.. When you pass by these people, do not try to argue or talk with them, ignore them, otherwise you'll waste your time and energy. Try what you want to try, and go to where you want to go, listen to yourself, and follow up your intuition, do not accept the false choices, and do not let others put you in a cage. When someone say you can not do something, keep in mind that he was speaking from within the borders of his own chain.. Ignore him and keep walking.

Stop preoccupying of what others possess

When you discover that you are comparing yourself to one of the colleagues, neighbors, friends, or any famous person, stop! Know that you're different, different in your energies and in your forces -  energy and forces that are not available in others - stop for a moment to meditate and to reflect on your distinctive abilities, and be grateful for all the good things in your life. The problem with many of us is that we believe we will be happy when we get to a certain level in life - the level we see others had reached  - your boss in his office, or a friend that has a mansion on the beach, etc.. Reaching that may, unfortunately,  takes some time, and when we get there we will have a new destination and goal in mind. Instead, evaluate yourself and know where you are? What you have now? What can you do? And stop trying to compare yourself with those who have less, and those who deal with the tragedy, and those who are struggling to survive.

Don't preoccupy with the ilusion of perfection, because perfection is the enemy of quality

 Many of us are lovers of perfection, and I am one of them in some cases. We have set ourselves high limits and we do our best to move forward.. We had - without doubt - dedicated a big space of time and attention in our work to keep our personal standards high. Our passion for excellence drives us to run the extra mile, with non-stop, and this dedication towards perfection will undoubtedly help us achieving results, as long as we do not get carried away. But what happens when we do not reach perfection? We become frustrated if we fail to meet the high standards that we have set for ourselves which make us hesitant in the face of challenges and can't even finish what we started. Real perfection amateurs find it very difficult to start things and they find it more difficult to finish things too.. I have a friend - of these - who wants to start a business in graphics for several years, but has not yet to begin.. Why? He has one problem which is simple: It is perfection; which means that he won't start if he keeps setting the same roof, which he will never reach. Remember that the real world does not reward those who insist on perfection, it rewards those who perform, and the only way to get things done is to be incomplete 99% of the time, practice force shortages, and over the years you can begin to achieve glimpses of perfection. So decide, and then take the necessary measures, learn from the results, and then repeat this method again and again in all walks of life.

Stop trying to monopolize the right thing all the time:

There are few absolute «rights» and «mistakes» in this world, and what is true for you may be wrong for me, and vice versa.. People need to live their lives in their own way -the right way for them - therefore, when it comes to choices of life and opinions, it is not worthy fighting, there is no point on arguing with your spouse and your family members, or neighbors. When you feel mightily anger and have the desire to make vulgar remarks, then just close your mouth and leave the scene. Let your mind rest, you are not always the winner and the owner of the argument and the right. Instead, open your mind to new ideas and opinions, and not just focus on what others are doing, and spent the time to find out why they do what they do?

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