Education in Tunisia: restructuring must take place


Restructing must take place

I do not speak from a personal point of view, I speak the words of the Tunisian student who is part of an education system in dire need of a radical restructuring. 

The people of Tunisia realised a great revolution, a revolution recognized by the largest democracies in the world and it launched the breeze of freedom in the direction of other Arab countries, it is the nectar of the Arab spring. All tunisians ever since dreamed of a better future where freedoms are reserved and justice is applied.  
It is true that regional development, transitional justice, reducing unemployment is one of the goals of the revolution but also the restructuring of the educational system is also a necessity. Education did not know any progress, especially after the revolution, on the contrary, the more time passes by the more steps we do behind. During those three and a half years we have not seen any improvement, all we saw were sit-ins of professors and teachers in all areas, whether in universities, secondary schools, primary schools etc. Teachers go on strike, regional administration go on strike. Each one attracts the rope to himself, but who's affected? "the Tunisian student". Let's be realistic, if for a moment, parents and teachers want us to succeed and excel but the question is, how? Are all conditions provided? Are the broken ad soiled tables encourage us to study? No, perhaps the broken windows do so?? Let me remind you that a lot of equipments in the institutes remain tens of years and they're not replaced. Dirt and dust fill up the classrooms! Is it reasonable to study in a stable? Sorry but, this question may seem somewhat impolite but I can not go through this subject without saying it because it really describes some of our schools. Fellow readers, what education are we talking about when we read on the newspapers rape cases committed by teachers on pupils? How parents should bear the harshness of this news? I don't think they will be reassured when they will send their daughters to study. I'm not trying to point the fingers on the teachers because the students also are participants with a large proportion on this failure. Pupils nowadays don't respect teachers, they even violate them. Yes Honorable Gentelman and Ladies, we have become in an era when the teacher, who gives the science which will bring you out of the darkness of underdevelopment, gets hit. Where is that era where the profession of teacher were a honor for whoever is holding it? Education system has became more barbaric than expected. This may be explained with the low success rate of the baccalaureate of 2014 and the prevalence of fraud in tests? Oh my god, I almost forget to talk about defrauding! Medias became, in June of 2014, talking about the baccalaureate and specifically the phenomenon of fraud which dominated the exam. Many young people have lost their futures and had been imprisoned and arrested for defrauding and helping illegally students during the baccalaureate exam. We're not accustomed to hear things like this on television, especially when it's related to young people who we reply upon to drive the country to safety and build the "new Tunisia".
Now, let me take you back a little bit to the conditions experienced by the Tunisian student everyday when he goes to school. I do not want to talk about the people who live in cities because their situation is much better than people living in rural and remote areas. Let me reprsent the pupils of El Kef, Jendouba, Kairouan, Sidi Bouzid, Medenine, Tataouine. Zaghwan, Kbeli, in few lines. Pupils aged eight years walk every day across rivers and valleys and then pass through the mud, walk kilometers just to go to school. What is the guilt of these little pupils if the infrastructure stand infront of their dreams? Pupils fight poverty and difficult conditions to success, these poor people make a difference in the community, they are the ones who make from weakness a force. I guess that's why I agree with Frank McCourt when he said “You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace.” Children have enormous mental capabilities but do not have pens, they have dreams but do not even have a candle light to study in the night, they're angels who have great projects but they're imprisoned, they're imprisoned by the squalid conditions. Great pain in my heart when I see Tunisia, that I always want it to be in the highest echelons, full of chaos and poverty.

It is the time to sit down at the table and recognize our own mistakes. We must evaluate ourselves, it is not bad to admit failure, it is bad when we continue to fail. We must be one hand to save what remains of Tunisia, and restructure the educational system. We must be ready to extend a helping hand to our state, we must be unite for a better future. National interest above everything, long live freedoms, long live justice, long live a free and an independent Tunisia.

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